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Responsibly Yours

Giving Back to The World

The Dalumi Group is committed to promoting ethical and responsible business practices within each community it operates.

As part of these activities, Dalumi is a sponsor to the Tlokweng SOS Children’s Village in Gaborone, Botswana. We help to provide food, clothing, medication, and school materials for children living in a "family house".

The Best Practice Principles (BPP) is the highest professional, ethical, social, environmental, and legal standard in the diamond industry. Dalumi is fully compliant with the BPP standard and undergoes yearly audits by a third party.

In addition, every shipment sent or received by Dalumi is accompanied by a “Kimberly Process Certificate”.

Dalumi guarantees that all its yellow diamonds – whether set in jewellery or loose stones – are certified as responsibly sourced.