About the Dalumi Group

Company Profile

A leading player in the global diamond and jewelry industry, the Dalumi Group has earned a reputation as one of the diamond world’s most trusted names. Established in 1960 by Asher Dalumi and run today by the family's second generation, Dalumi Group is an international company with worldwide distribution operation, manufacturing facilities in Botswana and Israel, and some 400 professional employees worldwide. Dalumi is a De Beers Group of companies’ Sightholder since 1993 with an additional sight from Botswana since 2007.

Building on its vast experience, Dalumi today is a highly innovative company utilizing the most advanced methods and digital media to promote its range of successful brands. By maintaining an up-to-date image and quickly responding to evolving global trends, Dalumi is the name to seek out for the latest in diamonds trends and timeless jewelry.

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